How Do I Request a Partial Payment or Deposit Payment?

Occasionally you might want to send an invoice that outlines the full cost that your guest will be required to pay by the end of the interaction, but only a percentage will be required up-front as a deposit or partial payment. With Sympl, the ability to request partial payments is built right into the Invoice utility.

How to send a request for a partial payment or deposit:

  1. First, open the inquiry details overlay for the booking you would like to invoice for. This can be done by navigating to the inquiries module and selecting the inquiry there.
  2. On the inquiry details overlay, navigate to the Invoices tab.
  3. Click the Add Invoice button.
  4. Sympl will auto-generate an invoice based on the billing information in the inquiry. Edit the invoice to show the exact amount you want to charge.
  5. Using the payment percentage drop-down select the percentage amount that is due.
  6. Now save your invoice once complete.

By requesting partial payments, you can build deposit payments and partial payments right into the Sympl invoicing system, rather than being required to request these payments by mail or by another means. This will make your guest experience smooth and seamless from start to finish, and make your accounting and collection experience easier, too.

If you have any further questions please search our help center or email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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