Sympl Channel Manager Overview

Sympl's Channel Manager (Tokeet) allows you to virtually connect every marketing channel.

This allows you to synchronize your calendars everywhere to prevent costly double bookings, and to manage rates, messaging, and payments from the Sympl platform.

Tokeet features both API and iCal channel partnerships.

API Channel Integrations

Through Tokeet, Sympl is integrated via API with Airbnb,, Expedia and Agoda - with more API partnerships added on an ongoing basis.

Managing channels via an API integration allows you to synchronize availability, update channel rates, and track booking notifications from the Sympl platform.

Changes in availability are automatically pulled in from any channel and updated on your Sympl calendar.  This will also automatically update all other channels that are connected.  Changes in availability made on one channel are then reflected on all connected channels, as well as your Sympl calendar. 

If you make changes in your Sympl calendar, it works the same way. After you create a confirmed booking or hold event within your Sympl dashboard, this change in availability is automatically pushed to your channels.

Changes in rates work in a "push" direction, from Sympl to the API connected channels. With the Sympl Channel Manager, you can manage and push rates to your API connected channels.  Your rates in Sympl should be accurate and complete before pushing these rates to your channels. 

Sympl will overwrite the current rates in your channel and replace them with the rates in Sympl for at least the next 12 months. Sympl does not pull rates and only pushes them. We recommend using Rate Categories if you wish to have different rates on different channels.

Booking notification is also available for API integrated channels. Whenever there is a booking made, the channels will automatically notify Sympl. Sympl will then import all information associated with the booking and create a new confirmed booking in your dashboard.  

A confirmed booking includes guest information, reservation information, cost information, and any special requests made by the guest during booking. If there are updates or cancellations the channel will also notify Sympl and Sympl will update the confirmed booking accordingly. Please be sure to look at the notes within your booking to see important information regarding the booking.  

iCal Channel Integrations

Sympl allows you to partner with every other marketing channel via iCal, or iCalendar. Our customers manage listings on channels including Homeaway, Tripadvisor, HolidayLettings, Wimdu, FlipKey,, Housetrip, and many others.

Managing channels via iCal integration allows you to update availability between Sympl and all your connected channels.  Rates for iCal channel listings are managed in the channels themselves.

Alongside listed channels, you can add any other partner that supports iCal by selecting an "unknown channel" in Sympl (Tokeet) Channel Manager.  

Changes in availability on iCal channels, for example bookings, are synchronized with Sympl via the iCal link.  For new bookings, Sympl will create hold events on your reservation calendar.  This will ensure that the availability is blocked on all your connected channels, so that double booking may not occur.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us! We'll be glad to help.

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