What are the major differences between TV3 and Sympl?

Sympl was purpose built to be the preferred channel and reservation manager of small rentals. We re-imagined and redesigned the entire channel management experience to make administering your rentals as easy and effortless as possible. One of the key designs of Sympl is the ability to add components as your need them. With Sympl, you only pay for the functionality you use and nothing else. In addition, through the Tokeet App Store, you can further expand Sympl with a wide array of applications and apps which are fully integrated with the Tokeet platform.

Sympl is the second channel manager created by Tokeet. Many users have asked the question of what are the key differences between Sympl and TV3. Below we try to outline some of the major features differences and similarities.

Total Allowed Rentals

Sympl allows a maximum of 3 Rentals to be created in a Sympl account. TV3 on the other hand allows many more rentals depending subscription plan. The highest Tokeet subscription plan allows an unlimited number of rentals in a TV3 account.

Subscription Plans

Sympl charges on a per rental basis instead of by specific subscription plans like TV3. With TV3 you may choose your subscription plan based on your range of rentals and other associated features. (Entry Plan to Unlimited Plan)

Total Allowed Users

Sympl allows an unlimited number of users for each Sympl account, regardless of any subscription plan or rental count. Tokeet has different user limits with each subscription plan. The higher level TV3 plans also allow for an unlimited number of rentals.


TV3 comes with automation built in while Sympl requires an add-on of either Sympl Automation or Automata to allow for messaging automation. In addition, the Sympl Automation add-on supports pre filled automations which are created by single click while TV3 only provides the ability to create automations from scratch.


Sympl supports both Inquiry and Calendar widgets only while TV3 supports a wider array of widgets.

Websites Feature

Sympl does not support websites within its base feature, to create a website you will need to subscribe to WebReady. TV3 provides a website builder natively within TV3. Users may also use Webready with TV3 if they wish.

Email Support

Sympl only allows Email support, instead of Live chat support. You will fill up Contact Us form and support agent will get back to you instantly while Tokeet supports Live chat feature.

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