Sympl and Best Practices

When connecting your account to Sympl, there are some important items to note to ensure you have completed your set-up correctly.

You can simply follow Sympl's wizard, which provides a status of completion of each step.

In Extranet: Connect to Tokeet (Tokeet is the channel manager for Sympl)

Connecting to Sympl is a multi-step process and often users skip a step, usually the last one. Please read the detailed connection instructions carefully and be sure to follow all steps.  

  • In Extranet (, designate Tokeet as the Channel Manager (Click on Property > Account > Channel Manager)
  • Tokeet receives an email from and approves the connection.
  • You receive an email from the and confirm the connection in extranet. This step must be completed, or your availability and rate push will not work.  
Note: will now keep your properties closed / not bookable, until you push both rates & availability from Sympl to

Now, connect your property in Sympl.  Please make sure you have rental rates defined for your rentals first.  You will need to push rates from Sympl to as part of the connection process.

  • Link your property to a Sympl Rental
  • Once the link has been made, any new bookings or hold events that are created for your Sympl rental will be automatically pushed to This means that bookings created in Sympl or any of your other linked channels will be pushed to your property.
  • Import bookings from This will ensure that Sympl is aware of any bookings previously made on 
Note: Sympl can only import current and future bookings. Completed bookings will not be imported.  Also, the email address of guests imported in this way will not be accurate, since does not provide this data to Sympl. You will have to manually update these email addresses from the information located in the booking details within Only email addresses of guest from new bookings which occur after the connection will be available.

Push rates from Sympl to You will want to take the time to accurately set up your rates in Sympl.  You must then push these rates from Sympl to

  • Push availability from Sympl to Please check your Sympl calendar for this rental and ensure that your calendar is accurate and up to date.
  • If you are having trouble pushing availability: add a temporary Hold event to your Rental with status Confirmed.  Once the connection is made, you can go back and delete the Hold event. Here's more info on Hold Events.

Best Practices - Synchronizing Rates 

  • When pushing your rental rates from Sympl into, please ensure that your rates are complete and correct in Sympl as your Sympl rates will completely replace the rate information that is in your account. 
  • If you would like your rates to be different than the rates on your other channels, you can create a new rate category in Sympl just for and map it to this channel to seamlessly push updates with a single click. 
  • Rates do not update automatically, and must be pushed from Sympl.  The platform is designed this way so that you can make rate changes without worrying that the change has been propagated to the channels before changes are final. 

Best Practices - Synchronizing Availability

  • Synchronizing availability between Sympl and is done automatically once your connection is complete. Sympl will send any new bookings or confirmed hold events to and block those dates on your calendar.
If you have any further questions, please search our help center or email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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