How Do I Add and Update Rentals?

Create Rentals by connecting to Airbnb

If you work with Airbnb, Sympl will import your Airbnb listings and create Sympl Rentals for you.  Rentals correspond to property listings in Sympl.

You will need to connect Airbnb with Sympl prior to importing the listings. For instructions on how to connect Airbnb to Sympl and import your rentals, please see the following article: Connecting to Airbnb API

Create Rentals by entering property data

  • If you've already Imported Rentals by connecting to Airbnb: skip this step. 
  • Navigate to RENTALS.
  • Click on the "+Add" rentals button to the top right of the rental list screen.
  • Fill in all required fields in the Add Rental overlay and hit Save.

That's it! You are now ready to move on to setting your Rental Rates.  Each rental needs to include at a minimum a base and standard rate.

Please contact us if you have questions at any time! We're thrilled to have you onboard and wish you a most successful vacation rental business.

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