Payment Rules

With our payment gateway module, users are allowed to add several payment gateways to the same Sympl account. This means that there would be a need to differentiate which gateway should be used for processing payment for specific rentals or channels. The tedious alternative of having to manually select the gateway each time an invoice is created to be charged is differentiation through Payment Rules.

On account of these rules, you can determine which gateway is used for a rental or channel. An example would be selecting your Stripe gateway to be used for Rental A and your Worldpay gateway to be used for Rental B. This can be made even more specific such as setting Stripe is only used for Rental A when bookings come from, otherwise use Worldpay.

Payment Rules override your default gateway setting and affect which gateway is used to process your invoice payments.

These rules allow a significant amount of flexibility and specificity so you can automatically select gateways as needed. Here is some detail about exactly how Sympl processes your payment rules if you have multiple rules which may potentially match a scenario.

  • Sympl will first look for a rule that matches the channel and rental of the booking and use the matched rule.
  • If no matching rule is found, Sympl will then look for a rule matching only the rental and all channels.
  • If no matching rule is found, Sympl will then look for a rule matching the channel and all rentals.
  • If no matching rule is found, Sympl will then use the default gateway.
  • If there is no default gateway, Sympl will select a gateway at random. You want to avoid this and at least set a default gateway at all times.
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