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A rate discrepancy on is likely if the additional guest fee set for your rental's occupancy/per person pricing differs to what you're pushing from Sympl. To aid in making the necessary adjustments yourself, we've provided the following steps below.

  1. Disconnect Sympl from your admin portal

    Log into and click into the appropriate property ID you're trying to disconnect from. Then, click 'Account' and from the drop-down menu select 'Channel manager/connectivity provider'. This would take you to the screen to deactivate. For security purposes, there will be a verification step where you would be required to enter a pin provided in order to authorize deactivation.
  2. Adjust occupancy pricing

    Once disconnected, the option to edit occupancy pricing would be shown on the calendar for your standard rate plan.
    If this option is NOT available on your rate plan after disconnecting from Sympl, then it's not possible for you to make this adjustment yourself. You'll need to contact support for your local area and ask that they configure your rate plan to allow you to set occupancy based pricing.
    You can find your local support line for at the following URL:

    The settings in the below example shows an additional guest fee of 20. Please note that the values you set here are in relation to the price marked "normal price". Setting 20 in each price field will not result in an increase of 20 USD per additional guest, but instead would result in 20 additional for 2 and 3 guests being the same. Values entered here should be increasing incrementally. So, an additional fee of 20 USD above 1 guest would mean that 2 guests would be 20 and 3 guests would be 20+ 20 and so on.
  3. Re-connect to Sympl

    Once this is set as desired, save the changes and re-connect the property ID to Tokeet here: Connect to Sympl via the Extranet
    • Select Tokeet as channel manager on the extranet and accept the terms and conditions to re-authorize connection to Sympl.
    • Complete all 5 steps to connect activate the connection on the extranet
    In Sympl navigate to API channels, click into the listing then 'connection details' and click actions to complete the following steps:
    • Import bookings
    • Push availability
    • Push rates
  4. Review rates for accuracy

    The last step is to refresh your Rates calendar and verify that the rates you have pushed from Sympl are now matching. If this is not the case, please reach out to support for further assistance.

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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