What is a Base Rate?

The base rate in Sympl is essentially a back-up rate for your rentals' gap periods when there are no rates assigned. This would ensure that a rate would still be pushed to the channel when the standard rate(s) are lacking for different gaps throughout the calendar year.

Add a Base Rate

The base rate is a fallback rate, which is applied if there are no matching Standard rates for the booking dates. To add a base rate to your rental please do the following:

  • Click on RATES to access your Rates Calendar
  • Click on the rental name which you would like to add a base rate too.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab of your Rental Rates overlay.
    Complete required info and hit Save on the top right.

  • Minimum Stay:  minimum amount of days guests are allowed to book 
  • Maximum Stay: maximum amount of days that this rental can be booked
  • Nightly: nightly rate
  • Weekend Night:  Saturday rate and Sunday rate (optional)
  • Additional Guest Fee: charge x amount for per person per night, above y guests
  • Guest count: number of guests allowed for this rental before additional fees apply
Note: Not every channel supports this structure. For example, if a channel does not support a weekend rate, Sympl will send the nightly rate.

After you define your base rate settings you will see this rate apply to channels when you have not created a Standard Rate to apply.

As always, please contact us with questions at any time.  We're happy to help.

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